......Sweet Potato the Clown

Reasonable pricing is based on the time needed for the number of children at your event  and the type of entertainment.you would like.    

 Please call  or email for a quote.  

Texting is not available at this number 

  734 782-3330             dgutenschwager@yahoo.com

Sweet Potato

can be seen at Buffalo Wild Wings in Southgate, Michigan every Wednesday night from 5:30-8:30 for balloon twisting or face painting.

 The restaurant is located at 13655 Eureka Rd. Southgate, MI

734 281-2999 


  Sweet Potato proudly donates to St.Jude Children's Research Hospital  


      • Balloon Twisting
      • Face Painting
      • Silly Walk-around Entertainment
      • Outdoor Fun
      • Giant Bubble Net
      • Birthdays
      • Block Parties
      • Picnics
      • Libraries
      • School Events
      • Restaurants
      • Grand Openings
      • Festivals
      • Christmas Elf



I began entertaining children as Sweet Potato in 2002.  Since that time, I have taken clowning classes  at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, studied balloon twisting and face painting in Orlando,  and studied physical comedy with the New York Goofs in N.Y.

As the grandmother of two toddlers, I know, there's nothing better than a child's laughter. (or an adult's !)  I love to make goofy faces, hum, whistle or make fun of myself as a way to show children that clowns are  just big silly "kids" at heart.

Sometimes children are apprehensive about clowns, but I have found many times, that a gentle, quiet approach is best and once they see the other children having fun with me, they join in on their own. My biggest  reward is to have a child say they're not afraid anymore because I'm funny. Sometimes I even get a little hug. It's the best!

My costume has  many pockets depicting different vegetables and as an avid gardener, I have fun ways to  teach chidren  the importance of eating  their veggies.

I get to practice my improv skills by coming up with answers to children's questions for "Sweet Potato". You never know what they'll ask !  I have a little furry mouse named Cheezer who " lives "in one of my pockets. Many of the children who know me at the restaurant ask to see him. One night I didn't have him with me and they wanted to know where he was. I told them that he couldn't  come because he was at his tap dancing lesson.! Now to find some little bitty tap shoes!

    Sweet Potato can entertain at your                    Christmas    Party
                              Pool Party!

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